Eleven New Character Posters for “Catching Fire” Reveal First Looks at Quarter Quell Tributes

Just a day after a new still and Comic-Con details were released, eleven (11) new character posters have been revealed for Hunger Games fans! These eleven new character posters feature some of the new tributes competing in the 75th Annual Hunger Games – the Quarter Quell.

Of course, Katniss and Peeta have their on posters, but it is even more exciting because we get exclsuives looks at Johanna Mason (Jena Malone), Finnick Odair (Sam Claflin), Beetee (Jeffery Wright), Wiress (Amanda Plummer), Cashmere (Stephanie Leigh Schlund), Gloss (Alan Ritchson), Brutus (Bruno Gunn), Mags (Lynn Cohen), and finally Enobaria (Meta Golding). All of the tributes are in Arena Garb and ready for the action-packed competition in these posters that are supposed to be created by the Capitol.

Stay tuned for more Catching Fire and Comic-Con coverage as well as a new full-length trailer for the highly anticipated film!

Catching Fire - character poster #1

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Casting News – Dylan O’Brien Cast in “The Maze Runner” Adaptation

Actor Dylan O’Brien, who plays Stiles on the hit MTV show Teen Wolf,  has recently signed on to star in the film adaptation of James Dashner’s The Maze Runner.  O’Brien was cast as the male lead, Thomas.

The Maze Runner is the first book in a post-apocalyptic book trilogy. The story follows Thomas as he discovers his memory has been erased and he is trapped inside a mysterious maze with dozens of other boys his age. Thomas then takes it upon himself to become a leader of sorts and gets the boys to all work together to find a way out of the maze.

O’Brien will be joined by actors Will Poulter, Kaya Scodelario, Aml Ameen, and Thomas Brodie-Sangster for this film. Poulter has been cast as Gally, Scodelario will playing Teresa, Ameen is going to be portraying Alby, and Brodie-Sangster will be playing Newt.

The Maze Runner film adaptation will be directed by Wes Ball and Dashner will be writing the screenplay with Noah Oppenheim. Filming and production is supposed to start next month and the release date is currently set for February 14, 2014.

What do you think of this casting news? Are you a fan of James Dashner’s novels? Do you think O’Brien is the right choice for Thomas? Who is your favorite character in The Maze Runner?

Dylan O'Brien - The Maze Runner

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Movie Exclusive – First Full Length Trailer and Two New Stills for “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”

The first official trailer for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire has finally been released! Liam Hemsworth was present at the awards tonight to help exclusively premiere the trailer.

Of course, this trailer gives fans a sneak peek of what is in store for the next instalment of the successful franchise. Audiences get to see Plutarch Heavensbee (Philip Seymour Hoffman) working and interacting with President Snow (Donald Sutherland). Plus, we also get to see  the beginnings of the revolution and the effects it has on Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) and those close to her. Watch the amazing and action-packed new trailer here.

Two more stills have also been released via the Hunger Games Explorer website. The first still features President Snow (Sutherland) and Plutarch (Hoffman) deep in a discussion in President Snow’s office. The second still features Katniss (Lawrence), Peeta (Josh Hutcherson), and Effie Trinket (Elizabeth Banks) all dressed-up in Capitol attire heading to a party. Take a look at the first two stills that were released here and the new ones below.

Did you enjoy the 2013 MTV Movie Awards? What do you think of this new trailer? What do you think of the new stills? Personally, I think that this trailer is extremely well-done and I cannot wait until November 22!

Catching Fire - #9

Catching Fire - #10

Sources: YouTube and Hunger Games Explorer

Movie Exclusive – Two New Stills Released for “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”

Lionsgate is going to be releasing four (4) new stills from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in preparation for the official trailer release on Sunday.

These stills are being shared exclusively on the Hunger Games Explorer website, which also has a countdown for the trailer release.  The first of the two stills features Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) with her sister Primrose (Willow Shields). The second still features Katniss alone with a very sullen and serious look on her face.

MTV recently shared a new GIF, giving fans a closer look at a scene from the trailer with Katniss and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson). Take a look at the GIF on the MTV Tumblr page

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire will hit theaters November 22, 2013. Will you be tuning in to watch the first official trailer when it finally premieres this Sunday at the MTV Movie Awards? What do you think is going on in these new stills? Why do you think Katniss looks so sad?

Catching Fire - #7

Catching Fire - #8

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Movie Exclusive – Full Length “Catching Fire” Trailer to Premiere at MTV Movie Awards

Fans of The Hunger Games series will be excited to hear that a trailer for the sequel, Catching Fire, is finally going to be released at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards.

MTV released a short sneak peek of the trailer along with an announcement that the full length trailer will premiere at the award show on April 14, 2013! Liam Hemsworth will be at the show to help introduce the two-and-a-half minute trailer. Watch the exclusive teaser here!

Are you excited to finally see a trailer for Catching Fire? What do you think will be featured in the trailer? What  are you looking forward to seeing in the trailer or the film?

Catching Fire - #3

Sources: Collider and MTV.com

The Leading Men Revealed in New “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” Capitol Portraits

Hunger Games fans will be extremely excited to see the new portraits that were released for the Capitol portraits marketing campaign. The three new portraits feature Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson), Gale Hawthorne (Liam Hemsworth), and Finnick Odair (Sam Claflin). Things are starting to pick up with this marketing campaign as we are finally getting more sneak peeks at new characters joining the franchise.

If you have missed all of the other portraits yet, take a look at the first three that were revealed here, the next two that were revealed Tuesday here, and the two that were revealed yesterday here. The current countdown on the Capitol Couture website states that there is about fourteen (14) hours until the next portrait is released.

Here is the hint for the first portrait that is going to be revealed tomorrow: “#HisEminence is #AdoredByAll.” I think that we could be getting a look at President Snow (Donald Sutherland) early tomorrow morning! Who do you think it could be? Take a look at the leading men in the new portraits below:

Catching Fire - Peeta Mellark portrait

Catching Fire - Gale portrait

Catching Fire - Finnick Odair portrait

Sources: Perez Hilton, PopSugar, and MTV

Exclusive MTV Interview with “Catching Fire” Director Francis Lawrence

MTV recently conducted an interview with The Hunger Games: Catching Fire director Francis Lawrence. In this interview he addresses his feelings about taking over for Gary Ross, his favorite scene from the film, and changes from the book. Read the interview below:

“On whether he ever called Gary for advice:
“No, no, I never talked to Gary about anything. For no reason other than I had Nina [Jacobson], the producer, and John [Kilik], the producer, and [author] Suzanne [Collins], and there were a lot of people with a lot of knowledge of the material, especially Suzanne. One of the first things that I did when I got the job—I think it was five or six days after I got the job—I got on a plane to New York and sat in a room with Suzanne, and she and I basically went through the book together. And just kind of created a beat sheet over the course of three days that became the basis for the script.”

On whether there are major changes from the book:
“No, not really, I would say that it’s a really faithful adaptation. You know, whenever you’re adapting something that’s a 12- or 14-hour read down to something that has to be around two hours, there’s going to be some cuts. We definitely made some cuts. I don’t want to go into that, but we did it with Suzanne, and I would say that it’s very, very faithful. We tried to get as much as we could in there.”

On the scenes he’s most proud of:
“It’s interesting because there’s a very small blur—I want to say it’s a paragraph long in the book—but the moment in the arena when the gamemaker starts to spin the cornucopia, and I’m very proud of that. We designed a very cool sequence and created a spinning island, and that’s going to be very, very cool. So that’s kind of fun and very unique. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s cool.

“You know one of the very first things we shot that I like quite a lot is, there is sort of a goodbye before she goes into the arena with Liam that I like a lot. And it was actually—we shot it because we needed summer foliage and summer flowers and things like that. We actually shot it while we were in prep. Very first thing we sort of went out into the meadow, out in the mountains in north Georgia and shot this sequence over three or four hours or so, and I really like it. I think it’s really nice. Jennifer and Liam are really good in it. It’s very nice.”

On whether those IMAX rumors are true:
“Yeah, the idea is that it’s sort of mixed formats. But yeah, that’s the idea is that the arena is in the IMAX format so that once you go in the elevator and it opens up.”

On whether his actors’ jovial natures ever lead to disruptions:
“You know what? I believe that the process could be fun, I just think that making movies is really tough. And it’s stressful as it is, and I think that most of us got in this business because it’s fun to make movies. I think it should stay fun. And it’s a really fun group and a very talented group. I would say only occasionally, maybe once or twice, did it get a little rowdy on set. We had to sort of clear everybody out because it is a little distracting. Or you just nicely say, ‘Hey guys, why don’t we take this off the set and go somewhere else?’ And I will say you go with that combo of Jen and Josh and Woody together and it can be mayhem.”

On “Mockingjay”:
“Nina, John, Suzanne and I have gone through the book and created the beat sheets for it. And started going through all that and at least marking our initial ideas of what the moments would be and how it all breaks down. And Danny Strong, who’s writing the first one, is working now. So yeah, we’ve actually done a fair amount of work. We’re starting to think about where we could shoot it and all of that.”

What do you think of this interview? Does this make you more excited for Catching Fire? Are you anxiously awaiting the first trailer for Catching Fire? Sound off in the comments below!

Francis Lawrence

Source: MTV