Yaunna Sommersby – editor-in-chief, founder

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My parents inspired me to start this blog when they realized how passionate I was about the entertainment industry and I keep up with everything that goes on in that world. It also helps that my dad has worked in the industry building sets and props for major motion pictures and television shows for over 25 years. Plus, my mom is a published young adult and romantic comedy author represented by Writer’s House.

I have over six years of experience in both film and theatre as a young actress, but I also have a passion for journalism and photography. In May 2018, I officially graduated from Kwantlen Polytechnic University with my Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Communications.

On this blog you will find posts about movies, television shows, Broadway,  books, and even music from time to time. TrulyLuminary will be celebrating her third birthday this May and hopefully she will have many more! I hope you share my passion for this industry and enjoy our posts!

Danielle Graham – reporter/contributor


I initially became interested in the entertainment industry when I was in high school and first discovered the joys of broadcast television. It started off with simply watching a show, progressed to looking at the behind the scenes aspects and discussing the show, and now here I am! I’ve been an avid reader for as long as I can remember, and I dabble in the performing arts. I am working towards opening my own business and hope to see great success in the future.

Rachel Blake Wong – reporter/contributor

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I am currently a Journalism student at the University of Toronto. My infatuation with the entertainment industry began at a young age. I often watched the Academy Awards red carpet coverage and discussed that night’s wins and snubs with my momma. I love everything that has to do with broadcasting, and (because of it) I currently host an entertainment radio show on my campus radio.

When I’m not writing or thinking up things to say on the radio, you can either find me on the porch with a cup of coffee/tea and a good mystery book, or in front of my television watching CSI.

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