Social media constantly keeps us connected with our world and it is a great way to share our interests with others. That is part of why I started this blog and you can read more about that here. If you have been enjoying the posts, that makes me very happy!

We want you to stay connected to TrulyLuminary and get all of our updates! Follow us on our social media pages:

Facebook: TrulyLuminary


Instagram: @trulyluminary

Tumblr: TrulyLuminary

3 thoughts on “Connect

  1. Emily Harden November 15, 2013 / 6:09 pm

    I should have known you’d have a Tumblr account too! That’s fantastic, I spend all of my time on there already anyways! 😛 Can’t wait to check it out 🙂

  2. manasvi July 20, 2015 / 2:12 pm

    You should get an Instagram account

    • yaunnarae July 20, 2015 / 8:21 pm

      We actually do have an Instagram! Just forgot to update this page with a link. Thank you!

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