#TBT Movie Reviews – “Untraceable”

*Contains spoilers for the movie. The movie itself was rated R due to “some prolonged sequences of strong gruesome violence, and language” so viewer discretion is advised.*

Untraceable, featuring Diane Lane, Colin Hanks, Billy Burke & Joseph Cross.

To celebrate the premiere of CSI: Cyber, I decided to watch Untraceable. With only a 6.2/10 rating on IMDB and a whooping 4.2/10 from critics (but 3.3/5 from the audience) on Rotten Tomatoes, I had no idea what to expect from the movie.

Diane Lane plays F.B.I. Special Agent Jennifer Shaw. She, along with fellow Special Agent Griffin Dowd (Colin Hanks) work in the Cybercrimes unit, and they hunt down the criminals in the internet world. Both agents team up with Portland Police Department detective Eric Box (Billy Burke) to catch the movie’s main antagonist, Owen Reilly (Joseph Cross).

Our villain’s victim count graduated from cute little kitten to helicopter pilot to newscaster, then (sadly) to F.B.I. agent. Each death is more gruesome than the next. And the most revolting thing? The deaths were streamed live on the his site ‘KillWithMe.com’. It’s a race against the clock to find the killer before he strikes and takes the life of another F.B.I. agent.

Upon finishing the movie, I was definitely surprised by the negative reviews from critics. Ok, I have to admit: they could have cut back on the brutality and gruesomeness of the deaths. I grew up watching CSI and Criminal Minds, but the way the victims died was something I wasn’t prepared for. For the light-hearted who decide to watch this movie, make sure you watch it on an empty stomach. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the suspenseful feeling and the brains of our leading lady.

Classified as a crime thriller, the movie truly is one of a kind. It was released in 2008, and back then, I highly doubt that cybercrime was something that was a big issue. Now, seven years later, cyber criminals are getting increasingly smart and sneaky. “Technology has developed,” said my friend, who watched the movie with me. “Almost everything is online, and it’s not always protected with the highest security. With training, anyone can hack into your computer, steal your information, and wreck havoc in your life.” If the movie was released in 2014/2015, I firmly believe that critics would have rated it higher, because cybercrime is a more prominent issue in our society than back in 2008.

I was just a tad bit disappointed by the ending. I had hoped for some closure towards Griffin’s horrific death. Maybe a funeral scene where Shaw (Lane) and Detective Box (Burke) embrace each other? Oh hush it; they are cute together and I would have liked to see them AT LEAST comfort each other after all she has been through.

The next instalment of CSI, debuting on March 4th, also deals with cybercrime. The show will focus on Oscar-winning actress Patricia Arquette, who plays Special Agent Avery Ryan, and her F.B.I. Cyber Crimes Division team. She, along with her team of FBI analysts and special agents, must catch the criminals that live and prey through the internet. You can catch CSI: Cyber every Wednesday at 10pm/9pm on CBS.

Rachel’s Rating: 4/5 four leaf clovers

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