First Official Trailer for “The Fault in Our Stars” Movie to be Released Tomorrow

There have been rumors circulating around the release date of The Fault in Our Stars trailer for weeks. However, these rumors can finally be put to rest as it was officially announced that it will be released tomorrow morning! At first it was believed that it was going to be released on Valentine’s Day, which was partially true because that is when it is going to start playing in movie theaters. [*UPDATE* The trailer actually starting playing theaters on February 7, 2014.]


Unfortunately, somebody who had been trusted with a copy of the trailer leaked it online over the weekend, but it was swiftly taken down due to obvious copyright issues. I believe that the premature “leak” of the trailer pushed Fox to decide to release it earlier.

In a recent Vlogbrothers video, author John Green answered some fan questions about the film and shared a special teaser:

What do you think of this exciting news? What do you think of the teaser John shared? Are you looking forward to the official release of The Fault in Our Stars movie? Who is your favorite character in the story? Stay tuned for the trailer!

Sources: YouTube and Twitter

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