Movie Exclusive – Casting Breakdown for Disney’s “Star Wars” Released

Star Wars fans may be intrigued to hear that casting is officially underway for the first Star Wars film under Disney. Casting directors April Webster and Alyssa Weisberg will be doing casting in the United States and Nina Gold will be in charge of  UK casting.

Not only does this list give us an idea of the characters that will be included in this film, it gives us hints as to the potential storyline behind the film. Michael Arndt is working on the script and JJ Abrams will be directing this next Star Wars film. Abrams recently revealed that production is aimed to start early in 2014.

Here is an exclusive casting breakdown for Star Wars: Episode VII: 

Star Wars - casting breakdown

According to Deadline and Bleeding Cool, these roles have all been confirmed as lead and principal roles. What do you think this breakdown reveals for the story? Do you think JJ Abrams is the right director for the next Star Wars film? As production is still in early stages and actors have not been officially cast in the film, be sure to check back for more casting news and Star Wars coverage!

Star Wars - logo

Sources: Deadline and Bleeding Cool

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