Casting Scoop – Actress Emily Blunt in Talks to Join “Into the Woods”

Just a few days after casting rumors stating Chris Pine and Jake Gyllenhaal may be joining the Into the Woods adaptation began to circulate, more news has come to light.

The Hollywood Reporter has shared that actress Emily Blunt is also in talks to join the Rob Marshall-directed movie musical. If Blunt joins the project she will be playing the Baker’s Wife, who is “placed under a spell of barrenness by her sorceress neighbor.” However, when she is freed from the power of the spell, she suddenly becomes pregnant.

Most of the parts in this musical are fairly demanding when it comes to singing. This should not be an issue for Blunt if she is officially cast in the role as she does have some experience in singing.

As previously reported, Meryl Streep and Johnny Deep have both already signed on to the project as the vain and evil witch and the wolf, respectively. Although the deals for Pine and Gyllenhaal to join the cast have not officially started, they have gone through an audition process.

John DeLuca is producing, James Lapine wrote the screenplay, and David Krane will be working on the music for the anticipated adaptation.

What do you think of these potential casting choices? Will you be interested in seeing Into the Woods as a movie musical? Be sure to check in for more news about Into the Woods as early production development continues!

Emily Blunt

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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