Exclusive “Entertainment Weekly” Interview with “Boy Meets World” Creator Michael Jacobs

The creator of the hit Disney show Boy Meets World, recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly and answered some questions about what we can expect for the highly anticipated spin-off series, Girl Meets World. Jacobs had this to say about the new series:

“On why Girl Meets World almost didn’t happen: When execs at Disney first approached Jacobs with the idea of revisiting Boy Meets World, he promptly nixed the idea. “There’s a natural reticence to want to try and attempt something that you’ve been really lucky enough to do once,” explains Jacobs. But after mulling it over, Jacobs decided that he wanted to create a show for the “new generation of kids that live in a much more difficult world.” The only catch? Jacobs was dead set against doing a sequel, which he felt would amount to nothing more than a reunion show. “A reunion show that’s one and done,” says Jacobs, who instead suggested centering the pilot on Cory and Topanga’s daughter, Riley. “But to actually take the children of Cory and Topanga and watch on two levels [as they] grow up and as Cory and Topanga keep growing up, I can’t resist that. I can’t resist that and I’m very hopeful the audience won’t resist it either.”

On his vision for Girl Meets World: Like its predecessor, Jacobs says he hopes the pilot forGirl Meets World captures “the confusions about growing up and what we are supposed to be and what we are supposed to aspire to be.” As for Jacobs’ own aspirations for the show, he says, “There’s a column that I want to play in and that column contains The Wonder Years and Happy Days. That was always the column that I wanted Boy Meets World to be included in and I wantGirl Meets World to be in that column as well.”

On Cory and Topanga as parents: They may have two kids, but don’t expect Cory and Topanga to have it all figured out. “Topanga has always been much more certain that Cory. Cory has always been confused. That would never stop,” says Jacobs, who explains that the long-time sweethearts will have differing points of views on parenting. “Now he’s a father. Cory Matthews doesn’t know how to be a father.”  Cory will also be grappling with his decision to become a teacher. “He’s following in the footsteps of  [Mr. Feeney], the most influential character in his life,” says Jacobs. “Should he be? Will he succeed? Can he influence children like Feeney influenced children? What is Topanga’s observation of that? How does she help? And what is Topanga’s life? And what has she become? You’ll remember we left the series and they were in Philly and they were going on an adventure to go to New York. Did they succeed? Did it work? All of that will be answered in the pilot.”

On Riley’s personality: Will the youngest Matthews be more like her dad or her mom? Jacobs won’t say, though he will reveal that “she is going to be much more like one than the other but that second parent will pop up in ridiculously unexpected times and places and add to the confusion of who this character is.” As for who she’s isn’t? Jacobs says that Riley will not aspire to be an actress, singer, or dancer as many fans have speculated. “That was never Boy Meets World and it’s the farthest thing that this show will be.””

What do you think of this interview? Do you think the plot for Girl Meets World sounds interesting? Will you be watching the show when it premieres?


Source: Entertainment Weekly

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