New Images of Naomi Watts in “Diana” Biopic

Back in July, the first official photo of Naomi Watts as Princess Diana was released. Watts is going to be portraying the beloved Princess in a biopic entitled, Diana. At first the film was going to be called Caught in Flight, but then the film’s title was changed simply to Diana.

Recently, two more photos from the film were released. These new photos will give audiences a glance at Watts as Lady Diana and a glimpse into a relationship that is explored in the biopic.  The Oliver Hirschbiegel-directed film looks at Lady Diana’s relationship with Dr. Hasnat Khan; played by Lost’s Naveen Andrews. Diana is currently set to hit theaters on August 29, 2013.

Are you excited for this biopic? Do you think Watts will do well in portraying Lady Diana? Take a look at these two new photos:

Naomi Watts - Princess Diana #2

Naomi Watts - Princess Diana #3

Source: Collider

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