Please Help Alyssa and Her Family

Now I know this is a little odd for me to be asking, but a blog is a great way to raise awareness.  A few months ago, six-year-old Alyssa was hit by a car. Her best friend, five-year-old Mia, died, and her sister Rain sustained a head injury but has recovered. Alyssa, though, she needs our help. She’s six, functioning at the level of a toddler. And her mother is a single mom with six kids.

She really needs our help. A few bucks from all of us means this family will  be able pay their rent so they can keep their house (they’ve already lost their car). Crowd-funding is an easy way to share the burden amongst all of us. And never forget that YOU could be the next one who needs us.

PLEASE DONATE! Every little bit helps and I know for a fact Alyssa’s mom will be grateful. Thank you so much everybody! Remember that every little bit helps. Be sure to spread the word and have friends donate too! The full story of the accident is here: (from ABC13 Las Vegas affiliate).

Here is a link to the site where you can donate and get more information:

Once again, thank you so much for your support!

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