Draft of “The Fault In Our Stars” Script Complete

If you are a fan of the novel The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, then you will be very happy to know that a draft of the script has been finished for about a month and Fox 2000 is moving forward with their movie adaptation. Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber, the screenwriters who wrote (500) Days of  Summer, have been working on a script for The Fault in Our Stars.

For those of you who have not read this excellent novel, I suggest that you do so. The story is about a sixteen-year-old girl named Hazel Lancaster who has relied on an oxygen tank to breathe because her thyroid cancer has spread to her lungs. She starts to become depressed and her parents make her attend a weekly support group. Here, she meets a boy named Augustus Waters. They begin to spend time together and get to know each other very well. The story then shifts to their relationship, the happy moments, and the struggles that they go through because of cancer affecting their lives. Augustus tries to make Hazel realize that she is extraordinary, and even if she doesn’t become a rock star or become famous, she still matters.

When the draft of the script was complete, producer Wyck Godfrey, tweeted: “Just read first draft of #TheFaultInOurStars! I must make this! Best script ever! Thank you Scott and Mike!” A fan saw this and replied, “If this happens I will flip!” and then Godfrey responded, “It WILL happen. Start practicing your flips.”

It’s a pretty big deal that Godfrey is so excited about this film and it shows that there are big names willing to work on this project. I am quite excited to start hearing more about the actual production and casting details and all that good stuff! I cannot wait for this movie!

Have you read this book? Is this a book that you might be interested in? Are you looking forward to the film adaptation?

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